The Common-Link AG develops standardised environments, making it possible to simply adapt to any project-specific requirements.

For over 14 years, the specialists of the COMMON LINK work to improve the safety and efficiency of energy systems of all types. This is done using well-proven remote control and monitoring systems and it matched measuring and testing equipment.

Our priorities: reliable and efficient monitoring and control of photovoltaic systems, biogas production and other renewable energy sources, as well as monitoring for the uninterruptible power supply and other sensitive energy systems.

We develop both hardware and software solutions that enable easy integration into existing systems of our customers. Without unnecessary installation costs, no additional software.

The focus of our efforts is always our customers and their diverse requirements.

Headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany, Common-Link AG manufactures hardware & software solutions for remote monitoring, analysis and control of electrical installations, alarm systems, and other critical networks.

In addition, our company provides test, measurement, and control equipment for use in a wide range of industrial and biological processes.

Founded in the year 2000, Common-Link AG has established a comprehensive service network. Our solutions and systems are in operation e.g. in Europe, USA, Brazil, Thailand and China.

Common-Link’s team of experienced engineers, physicists, and network specialists continuously develop innovative solutions for many key industries – particularly in the field of renewable energies.

Companies all over the world rely on products and services by COMMON-LINK:

to ensure the operational safety of their plants by means of optimized real time fault analysis routines

for process optimization

for a measurable increase in yield from production and trade. Our products are distributed globally via an international dealer network.


Common-Link AG is partner of German Telekom.