DC Monitor (2)

DC Monitor

Busbar and DC meter for precise monitoring and measurement of current, voltage and power in generator connection boxes of solar parks and PV systems Measurements on site Assembly takes place the stringbox by plugging on a 35mm DIN hat rail. The DC string cables are taken up by maintenance-free spring terminals.The internal controller of the DC-monitor measures current and voltage 80 times per second measures and calculates the DC power out of that. Environmental Data In addition to current, voltage and power DC-Monitor monitors its internal device temperature and can capture an external temperature sensor. The generator connection box's internal temperature or the temperature of the PV modules connected so can be evaluated synchronously with the performance data.At two potential-free inputs, for example the surge protector, door cont...

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COMMON-LINK's dataloggers consists of three main function units ...  Capturing measurements from sensors or machines  Storing and evaluating the readings  Communication unit, that forwards data to central control This composition makes our dataloggers secure, reliably and flexible. The system is suitable for monitoring single sensors as well as for huge measuring networks. A wide range of interfaces for application-specific sensors extends the system by simply snapping onto the system bus. The basic device integrates the selected communication unit. It establishes a secure connection to the central monitoring software in the data center - via LAN, cellular or telephone. With the internet browser our customers have access to their data and applications in the protected customer portal of COMMON LINK. Around the clock, wherever they happen ...

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Status assessment and analysis of network events can only be as good as the available measurement data. Common-Link offers a wide range of particularly high-performance sensor technology. Some of these are based on in-house developments and patents, and cover special application areas such as string current measurement in PV installations, or the determination of biogas potentials. Apart from pulse counters, measurement sensors, and optical detectors, Common-Link's portfolio also includes intelligent bus systems and dataloggers. This enables us to acquire and store all measurement data in a compact and secure manner, and transmit them reliably to the connected computing center for subsequent evaluation. Here is a survey of the most important sensor types: AC energy meters are used for measuring the effective energy in three-phase networks...

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Nowadays, many companies and authorities place very high demands on their network security. This applies equally for communication systems as well as energy supply systems for certain departments or even entire companies. In many cases, therefore, remote monitoring of sensitive installations is only possible within a closed, overall internal system. For such cases, Common-Link offers appliances and gateways, which can be installed by the customer exclusively as local stand-alone solutions for consumption and fault analysis, including a suitable alarm configuration. IRIS-Local This 19-inch unit serves to monitor uninterruptible power supplies in customer networks. Here are the most important features:  19-inch rack mount standard  Integral software application  Access via customer's in-house Internet browser  No additional software require...

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Self-produced power

The consumption of self-produced power is becoming more and more important. Utilizing self-produced power more effectively, Common-Link, the specialist for monitoring and managing of PV plants, has developed a module. This was developed in cooperation with fitters, so a largely manufacturer-independend solution is obtained. The self power module ensures that ... [folgt]

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Special Solutions

If you have special requirements or need customized control equipment, simply fill in the form below. We will answer your questions promptly.  

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